A Day In Amish Country

Yesterday was a beautiful summer day here in St. Mary’s County. Lots of sun and big fluffy white clouds.

Tim and I decided to take a drive so I could see more of the county. He took me to the Amish farm lands here in St. Mary’s county. It was fantastic. Actually buy straight from the farmer on the farm. I went nuts. I would have bought every fruit and vegetable I could see but luckily the Amish Farmers do not accept credit cards or boy would I have been in trouble.

At one farm Zimmerman’s farm. I met Mr. Zimmerman himself and his mule. At his farm I bought the best looking tomatoes  I have ever seen. I also bought green beans and yellow squash at Mr. Zimmerman’s farm.  I wanted to get some farm fresh eggs but Mr. Zimmerman didn’t have any eggs yesterday. But he said for us to go to his brothers one drive way over as he always has plenty of eggs. We went over to Mr. Zimmerman’s brothers and bought 4 dozen of the largest prettiest brown eggs. I have never seen eggs this big. They have the yellowest yolks I have seen in along long time and the flavor is unbelievable.

Then when we left there Tim was slightly disappointed as he was hoping to pick up some of there homemade preserves. So we drove to yet another farm and there we not only found the preserves but more vegetables. This time I bought cantalope, cabbage, pickling cucumbers and Tim’s grape preserves. He was hoping to get watermelon preserves but they wont have any for a few more weeks they said.

Seeing the men in the fields and at the farm stands was remarkable. It is hard to believe that people can exist as the Amish do in todays world. We passed several horse and buggies and they always had a wave and a smile for us. The children were all polite and quite friendly. Not at all like at the local mall or grocery store where the children run around with little or no supervision. Parents always in a hurry and rarely any eye contact and never a smile for anyone. Maybe if we all slowed down a bit and THANKED our MAKER for what we have this world might be a much much better place for all of us.

It takes little time and little effort to say hello or smile when you pass someone on the street or in a store. The Amish always make time for each other and Thank G_D for their very being and for all that they have. Their lives seem so simple and full of love.

I am not saying that I would like to live as they do. I will admit that I am spoiled by todays modern conveniences and could not live without them nor do I want to give them up. I guess just watching them and listening to them  made me wonder if slowing down a bit might not let me enjoy my life a bit more. It also made me remember to thank G_D for everything I have in my life and for the very life that I have.

I’ll put some pictures up soon of my day in Amish Country. Hope you will enjoy them.

See ya’ll soon