4Th of July TailGate Party on Solomons Island

Fourth of July this year was the first time I have ever gone tailgating for the 4th.

It wasn’t bad but I do not think I want to do it next year though. The company was good,so was the food but tailgating on the 4th of July just seems wrong to me. I believe in picnics in the park or backyard BBQ’s with family and friends. I missed the smoke from the grill and the burnt hot dog or two. Instead we had cold fried chicken that I made, potato salad, chips, cold cuts, melon,cucumbers and tomatoes. This is what Tim has done on the fourth for years.

Tim backs up to the boardwalk near the pier in Solomons Island around 12:30 pm and sets up the food in the back of the truck and then you just people watch or visit the little shops on the island. Or just sit around and talk the day away. Its not bad but like I said not what I am used to.Tim said they usually shoot the fireworks of a barge out in the river directly in front of where we parked but as is my luck they decided to move the fireworks this year to Drum Point just around the corner from where we were but everyone assured us that we would be able to see the fireworks from where we were. But no one spark was seen from our side of the island from the Solomons Island firework display. If you looked across the river you could see the Fiargrounds fireworks and they were quite nice. But they were quite far off so they were small in the night sky.Quite lovely though.

Tim says next year we will be finding a new spot to watch fire works.