Summertime in a bottle

I meant to tell ya’ll about a great new recipe I got while in Amish Country. It is for Watermelon Preserves. Tim calls it Summer in a Bottle because when you open a jar in the middle of winter it is like eating a fresh slice of watermelon in summer. He really loves it.

While we were in Amish country shopping for produce the other day. I was also looking for the preserves that Tim likes. I couldn’t find them like I told ya’ll the other day. All I could find was Grape jelly, or Crab-apple jelly. But at the one farm while talking to the young Amish gentleman he told me his sister made all the preserves that they sell but that they were out of Strawberry preserves and that she had not finished with the Watermelon preserves. Then he went and asked her to come talk to me. We talked a bit and I told her I had never heard of Watermelon Preserves. She just smile and said she’d be right back. She had gone in the house and had been in there a short while and when she came back out she had written down the recipe for the preserves for me since I told her I liked to put up my own vegetables for winter. She told me to try it and let her know if I liked it. I am sharing the recipe with ya’ll in hopes that you will enjoy it as much as Tim. She also told me she has 2 or 3 other recipes for Watermelon preserves but this is the simplest.


2 pounds watermelon

3 cups sugar

3 lemons washed, sliced thin, and seeded

Remove the green rind of the melon, dice up the white part into small cubes, leaving the red part as intact as possible. Remove as many of the seeds as possible.

Then in a heavy pot, combine 4 cups of the watermelon, sugar and lemons. Bring to a rolling boil over a medium heat and let boil slowly for about 2 hours, stirring occasionally. The temperature should read 220 degrees on a jelly thermometer so the jam will set.

Transfer to clean hot sterile jars. Seal. process in a boiling water bath for 15 minutes. After the jars have cooled completely check to be sure they have sealed. If they have not sealed refrigerate and use as soon as possible.

If you love Watermelon give this recipe a try. It might just make you think of a warm summer day in the middle of a snowy cold winters day.

Hope ya’ll come back again soon.