Grocery Shopping

I went shopping today at our local grocery store. I saw a young mother walk off and leave her small child (about 3 or 4 years old) alone in the back of the cart. The child tried to climb out and almost fell. It reminded me of when I got hurt at work. I worked in a local grocery store as a cashier for about ten years. One day a female customer was in my line she had 2 young boys with her, suddenly she realized she had forgotten something and took one of the boys with her leaving the other young boy in the back of the cart. The boy decided he wanted out of the cart and tried to climb out and began to fall head first to the floor. I snapped around and caught the young boy by his belt hoop. I forgot to move my feet when I grabbed him. I fractured my lower back and have had to have 2 major back surgerys. I have screws and rods in my lower back and will have to have another surgery one day. That is why I decided to give some grocery shopping tips here for ya’ll.

Grocery Shopping Tips

1) Never leave young children alone in the cart. Even if you are using a cart seat-belt.

2) Never shop hungry. Believe it or not you will buy more when hungry.

3) Always make a list and stick to it.

4) Find a store whose staff is willing to help. Customer service is a very big priority with all stores but very few offer quality customer service.

5) Try to stick to one store and get to know the personnel.

6) Never put heavy items on the belt (ie 12 packs of soda,large containers of detergent etc..). Most cashiers have a cheat sheet with the codes to these items written down or have the codes memorized.

7) Always ask for paper bags instead of plastic. It makes bagging easier for the cashier and it is really easier for you as paper doesn’t spill out all over the car like the plastic bags. Plus most stores will give you credit when you re-use the backs on your next order.

8) When shopping with young children always bring a snack and juice with you. Children always seem to get hungry when shopping.

9) Once home take everything like spaghetti,cereal,etc. out of there original packages and into storage containers or bags. This will help keep roaches and ants out of the house.

10) Never keep the plastic bags from the store as they can become toxic after awhile and not only that but they may contain roaches and there eggs.

11) Always re wrap any meat you purchase either in freezer wrap or foil and then place in freezer bags and write the date of purchase on them.

                                              Ground Beef will keep for 3 months.

                                               Steak,roast,pork,chicken will keep for about 4 – 6 months.

12) Always get rain checks for out of stock sale items. If you have a coupon that is about to expire ask for the manager and have him write that the store will honor the coupon with the rain-check when the item comes in and have the manager sign the rain-check and date it. Then staple the coupon to the rain-check.

13) If you are having a problem ask for the department manager and if that doesn’t solve the problem ask for the store manager and finally if that still doesn’t resolve the problem to YOUR satisfaction contact the main office customer service department.

14) And finally never let your children run around the store. Always know where they are. A grocery store can be a dangerous place for children. 

Well that’s it for my grocery shopping tips. Hope at least one helps ya’ll.

See Ya’ll again soon.