Freezing Fresh Corn

I know it is alot easier to go to the local grocery store and pick up a bag of frozen corn or frozen corn on the cob. But the flavor is never the same as fresh corn bought straight from the farmer. It is alot of work but it really is worth the work when you cook it up for dinner and see the smiles on your families face and the compliments that will come.

It was another beautiful day here in Saint Mary’s county so I have that to thank for today’s recipe. I once again went to my favorite Amish vegetable stands. If you guessed that I bought corn you are right. I was able to get some of the prettiest Silver Queen Corn I have seen in ages. I also got green beans, yellow watermelon, honeydew,watermelon,peaches and pickling cucumbers for my bread and butter pickles (recipe will follow tomorrow).

So now for the steps to freezing corn.

1) Choose the freshest corn you can get.

2) Husk the corn and remove as much of the silks as possible. Use a vegetable scrubber but be gentle as not to puncture the kernels. Leave the corn on the cob for blanching.

3) Get a pot of water boiling on the stove. Also have a large bowl with cold water and ice ready.

4) Blanch the corn in the boiling water.

A) 4 to 5 minutes for Whole Kernel corn.

B) 4 minutes for creamed corn.

C) 4 minutes for corn on the cob.

5) Submerge the corn in the ice water as soon as blanching time is reached. Leave in the ice water for as long as you blanched the corn. After the ice water bath you can cut the corn off the cob for either whole kernel corn or creamed corn.

6) Drain and pack in freezer bags. Making sure to remove as much of the air as possible.

7) Label the bags and freeze.

That’s it now your done.

See ya’ll soon.