The Holiday Season is almost here !!!

The Holidays are fast approaching and the party planning is in full swing here at my house. I am checking out my catalogs and planning my ordering for the season.

I have already placed my spice order and I can not wait for my spices to arrive. I know I could go to the local market and get my spices but ordering them is a much smarter way in my opinion as I can order as little or as much as I need. I do not like to keep my spices for more than 3 months at a time as they loose their potency if left sitting around. I also like my spice as fresh as possible to get their full flavors. Friends have asked me if it is really feasible to order my spices online or through the mail and the answer is a definite YES. It cost me no more to order them than it would to go to the market and buy them with the price of gas going up all the time. The shipping cost have not gone up at all over the past year and a half. If anyone is interested in the companies name leave me an email and I will either email you or post it for you. The company is great.

I just finished checking out the new Swiss Colony catalog a little while ago and I am ordering my baklava and chocolate covered macadamia nuts from them. I will also order about 5 pounds of pistachios from them along with a few of their blocks of baby Swiss. I am also ordering 3 of their breakfast kits for friends that live out west. I will have them shipped directly to them. Real time saver.

I ordered my turkey for Thanksgiving back in September so that is already taken care of and I have also already prepped the sweet potatoes and have them in the freezer. I also have the acorn squash already frozen. This year I even bought some fresh Sugar Pumpkins and have already roasted and pureed them and they are in the freezer waiting to be made into pies. I hope this early preparation will make my day run a little smoother than in years past where I waited till the night before to start getting ready. Plus this year everything is as farm fresh as I can get it.

Please share you Pre -Thanksgiving preparations with us here and share with others your time saving tips because everyone wants alittle more time in their lives these days.

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Hope to see ya’ll real soon.