New Look and New Lease on Life

November started of as with every other month paying the monthly bills. But then it took a very traumatic turn. First I had to have emergency surgery on the 8th as they believed I had breast cancer or something worse. What could be worse than cancer I do not know. By the grace of GOD it was not cancer and I was released from the hospital the next evening.

Then Saturday night Tim and I went to the Saturday Vigil Mass at our church Holy Face. Tim knelt down to pray and all of a sudden he collapsed right there in the pew. With Gods intervention there was a nurse and 2 paramedics in the church that night who came to our aide. It looked as if Tim had had either a heart attack or stroke. They all stayed with us until the paramedics arrived and took Tim to our local hospital. There it was determined that Tim had had an aneurysm in his brain and he needed to be flown by helicopter to Washington Hospital Center in Washington D.C. two hours by car and only 20 minutes by air. Needless to say I could not fly with him and had to drive there not knowing whether or not Tim would still be with us when we finally arrived.

When we arrived at the hospital Tim was in the NICU awaiting our arrival and they were trying to get his blood pressure down low enough to try and fix the aneurysm. I got to be with him only a short while as other family wanted to see him also.

The doctors finally came and explained what they were going to do and how they were going to try and just go through an artery in his leg and coil of the aneurysm.But if that could not be done they would then operate on his head. Imagine not knowing what they were doing to your loved one and even if your loved one would survive. It was pure hell not knowing.

When they had Tim back in the NICU I got to see him but only for a few minutes. It was heart breaking to see him on the ventilator but I knew that was only to help him breathe. They kept him heavily sedated for the next 3 days. He was finally of the ventilator this is on Wednesday. Everything is progressing along well.Then on Sunday I get a call they are rushing Tim back to surgery as he may have blood clots forming around the aneurysm or the vein may be clamping down and cutting off the blood flow to his brain. I rush to the hospital as fast as I can drive. I make it there in just over 1 hour. I rush to the OR and there is no one around to let know I have arrived. So I franticly run up and down all the halls till I see a nurse in scrubs and I ask her about Tim.She tells me the procedure is over and Tim is fine. I ask her how in the Hell the procedure can be over with when the doctor told me it would take a minimum of four hours to perform. She said she did not know but the doctor would talk to me shortly in the family waiting room.

Back to yet another family waiting room I go. The doctor finally comes in after what seems like an eternity. He states very matter of factly that oops there was nothing going on in Tim’s brain after all. Then he tells me why they thought that something was the matter. It was this nurses first day working with Tim and she had given him his pain shot and a few minutes later when she tried to talk to him he was slow to respond to her and this was also the doctors first time at seeing Tim and he thought for sure there was something going on. Boy were both the nurse and the doctor lucky that day, that I did not go off on them for not knowing their patient and not checking the other nurses and doctors notes more carefully. If they had they may not of done this second procedure as it was unnecessary. Tim’s pain meds were alittle strong for him and knocked him out for a couple of hours every time he got it. But they did not read the file well enough and were unaware how he reacted to the meds. So poor Tim once again was on the ventilator for three more days and heavily sedated.

He was finally of the ventilator Tuesday. Wednesday they transferred him to a step down room. From there he was transferred to the worlds worst nursing / rehabilitation home I have ever seen. Mind you Tim can not walk at this point with out someone being with him as he has been in bed for almost 3 weeks at this point. When he gets to the rehab they tell him the bath room is over there and to knock as the bath room is shared by the other room. Tim can not walk and they want him to get up on his own and walk to the bathroom with out even a walker for support. I finally arrive as it was a 2 hour drive from the hospital in the snow. I bring Tim my walker from home. I get him settled in for the night and I leave as they will not permit me to stay with him.

At some point after I leave after explaining to them that Tim can not walk alone and MUST have help getting to the bathroom, they give Tim a form to fill out and tell him to bring it to the desk when he is through filling it out. At 1:30 am after only being in the rehab for 4 and 1/2 hours Tim has a fall as he is trying to get to the desk to give them that damn form. They never call to inform me of the fall and they DO NOT have him checked out to see if he has hurt himself.

I arrive at the rehab a 10 am the next morning only to find out that not only did Tim fall but there is no heat in his room as there was a fire in the heating system 2 days prior to his arrival and the Fire Department has cut of the heat. They are also not giving him his meds. Not even his blood pressure meds or his diabetes meds either. I had been there for about 5 hours before they even checked his blood pressure and that was after I raised Hell about him not getting his meds and them not checking his Blood Pressure. They were also trying to get him to eat foods that he can no longer eat. They said they do not have special diets and he had to eat what was sent to him. Tim is on the AHA and low carb diet and nothing they served him met with either of those diets.

The rehab doctor came into see Tim at about 230 PM and said he was pulling Tim off one of his regulars meds as that is what gave Tim the rash. The fool did not even read Tim’s chart from the hospital to see that the rash was caused by the Arctic Sun that was used on Tim during the second procedure. Even after the doctor left Tim’s room no meds came. At about 5 PM Tim decided he was not going to stay there one more minute as he knew he needed his meds or he could die. So I began yet another fight to get him his meds to no avail and at 7 pm Tim left the rehab against medical advise.

I had the fire department meet me at the house to get Tim inside. Once he was inside I took his blood pressure and it was 214 over 101. That’s pretty damn high. I wonder how high it was at the fricken rehab. I gave him his regular meds and helped him to bed.

The next day I called his family doctor and got him started with home nurses and therapy. By getting him back on his meds on a regular bases and by cooking him foods he can eat Tim is on his way towards a full recovery.

I am telling you all this because this site is now being Consecrated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and to the Immaculate Heart of Mary for without their help in guiding the doctors hands Tim would not be here today. They were with Tim and I every step of the way and they never left our sides. I know they will always be watching out for us.

You will also notice the recipes that are added will be much healthier now than before. So bear with me as I make these changes to the site.

God Bless ya’ll. YA’ll come back again and stay awhile.