Stop the JUNK MAIL

Click here to find out more! Here is a start to another year and I need to unclutter the house so the one thing that must end is the endless sea of junk mail. So I am sharing my secrets to ending this sea of cluttering junk mail.

Stop junk mail before it starts. If you give your address to a business, it can wind up on mailing lists .So be very selective about who gets your personal information.

Opt Out
Whenever you join a club, register for a conference, or fill out a form of any sort, tell the organization not to sell, trade, or rent your contact information. You can often do this by checking an “opt out” box on a paper or electronic form. Or, on a website, look for the page that explains how to make this request (it’s usually found within the privacy policy).

Pre-Approved Credit Card Offers
Go to or call 888-567-8688 to be removed from the major credit bureaus’ mailing lists for preapproved credit card and insurance offers. Register online to opt out for five years or by mail to protect yourself permanently (a printable form is available on the website). You will be asked to provide your Social Security number and date of birth; the information helps ensure that the request is processed, but it’s not required. I have not given them my social security number as I do not believe in giving it out unless absolutely necessary

Recycle It
Some unsolicited mail will always manage to sneak in. To keep it from piling up, be ruthless about disposing it: Tear up junk mail as you walk from the mailbox to the front door, Walsh says, or run it through a paper shredder. Then put it in your recycling bin right away. If you’re unclear about the recycling programs in your community, go to and enter your ZIP code; enter the word paper (or select an item from the drop-down menu) to determine if curbside pickup is available.

Also if you order a catolog expect more to arrive. Just requesting 1 catalog puts you on the list for about 5 to 9 others you did not even know about. So if you receive a catalog you do not want call and cancel the catalog and tell them to remove you from their mailing list.