Winter Is Near

The long cold winter nights are almost upon us. With so few fresh vegetables and fruits available at this time of the year, wintertime calls for a different approach to the pantry and a new approach to cooking. Now is the time to look to your pantry for inspiration. So I have compiled a list of pantry staples to help me get through the winter that I thought I would share with ya’ll. I hope it will help you plan many a winters night meal.


Winter Pantry:

Dried and canned beans; navy,kidney, pinto,black beans ect.

Jasmine or Basmati rice

Sun-dried tomatoes


canned tomatoes; whole,diced.crushed,sauce,paste,ect.

olives; Greek,black,green ect



artichoke hearts

Canned Stocks; Beef,Chicken,Vegetable

Flours; wheat,all purpose, cake,cornmeal,ect.

Olive oil

Corn oil



This is just a basic idea to get you started in getting a winter pantry started. I hope ya’ll find this useful.


I have a pretty full freezer this year again. It is full of all of this summers best fruits and vegetables. Just waiting to be prepared for a winters meal.I have compiled a list of a few things that I feel are a must in a winter freezer.

The Winter Freezer:

Homemade stocks ; chicken,beef and vegetable

Homemade tomato sauces

Fresh corn

Fresh green beans

Brussel sprouts





Fresh herbs that had slightly begun to wilt

Rinds from hard cheese like Parmesan. They are great to toss into a pot of simmering soup or spaghetti sauce.

Scraps of smoked meats such as bacon,or smoked turkey or ham

I try to can or freeze as much as possible during the summer so that I will have plenty of farm fresh vegetables on hand all through the winter. This also helps me know that my family is eating the healthiest vegetables I can give them as there is no added salt or preservatives in my canning or freezing.

Ya’ll keep warm this winter and have a cup of piping hot chocolate and relax. Spring is right around the corner.