The Road Less Taken

This section of Mama’s Country Kitchen¬† is going to be about the roads less taken in the adventures of mine and Tim’s daily lives. It is going to be about our camping trips. Of our little road trips taken to places most people have never heard of or ever thought about going.

Yesterday was the fourth of July and we went to a quaint little town in Virginia named Colonial Beach. We had a fantastic time swimming and shopping the little beach front shops. The food was very reasonably priced a large Hawaiian Ice was only $3.00 and a Hot Dog was $ 2.00. The water was clean and free of jelly fish. The people were quite friendly.

If you choose you could bring your own grille and tables and set up for the day. There was live music, games and rides for the children. There was something for everyone.

Then there was the finale of the day the fireworks. They were terrific. For a small town it was a lovely display shot right of the beach.They were so close it was as if you could reach right out and touch them.

The only thing that they need to improve upon is the bathrooms. They have one public bathroom and shower area and they really need to have at least two more along the boardwalk. Two stalls in each bathroom is just not enough for the crowd.¬† Also parking for the day cost $10.00 per vehicle for the day. Which isn’t bad but they need to organize the exit from the parking areas better at the end of the evening.

All in all though it was a great day and fun was had by all.