How to Catch a Maryland Blue Crab

This is catching crabs by hand on a string with bait tied to the end of it – usually chicken necks.The more rotten the better.

What you will need:

A line (ball of string) – string is easier on the hands to control and pull in – and the crabs really don’t care what you use.
Bait – raw chicken necks . Most local grocery stores carry chicken parts you can use for crabbing. Crabs will pretty much eat any uncooked meat but these are what most people use.
A small net – to help wrangle those ornery critters
A cooler, a tall bucket, or a bushel basket with a lid – for your catch – Some folks keep their crabs in a live well in the water, which helps them to live longer.
Gloves – to wear when handling the crabs
A buddy – because two sets of hands are better than one – and it is always more fun and safer on the water with a friend along.
A ruler – or some other way to measure the size of your catch.
What to do:
When you get to your crabbing spot, tie one end of a 5-6 foot line on to to the pier or a stick. Tie a piece of your bait securely at the other end of your line
Drop your bait into the water holding securely onto the pier.
Wait for the tug on the line or till u see your line walking.
When you see movement, slowly raise the line to the surface. Go slowly and try not to scare the crab. Gently reel in your line until the crab is hanging just below the surface of the water.
Use your net to grab your crab and then drop it in the bucket from the net.
Crabs should not be without water or air for too long. Crabs can live in coolers with ice because the ice slows down their system. Never cook and eat a dead crab. Eat your crabs the same day that you catch them.

Now go out and catch some crabs for yourself. You will se hoe simple it is and how much fun.