How to Steam a Maryland Blue Crab


Steaming Crabs

Fill a crab steamer with 1 part water and 1 part beer. Heat on high until the liquid comes to a full rolling boil. Add live hard shell crabs to the steamer sprinkling each layer generously with the dry seasoning mix.
Cover and wait for wisps of steam to escape from under lid, about 10 minutes. Continue cooking over high heat for an additional 20-30 minutes until crabs turn bright red. If shells are dark red or have reddish-green patches, then the crabs are not cooked fully.
Remove crabs from steamer and place on a large platter and sprinkle lightly with the dry seasoning mix. It is best to eat the crabs on a newspaper-covered table which makes cleanup a snap–simply roll up your newspaper scraps and all, and toss in the trash. Serve with plenty of melted butter and plenty of ice cold beer.

Important Safety Tip
It is very important to cook only LIVE crabs. Like all fresh seafood, crabs are very perishable and spoil quickly. Since it is impossible to tell how long a dead crab has been dead (or whether it has spoiled), you should never cook a dead crab. And never use the same utensils for handling live crabs and cooked crabs since bacterial cross-contamination may occur.