About Mama’s Country Kitchen

This site is dedicated to my grandmother whom I called  Mama ( pronounced Mam Ah). She hails from Georgia and that is where my love for Southern cooking comes from. Women down South take a pride in there cooking that I have never seen before. It is a love for their families that makes there cooking so good.

I have known other great cooks in my life also and I am going to share some of their recipes in this blog also. My mother was an alright cook but she made the best pot roast I have ever tasted.

My former mother in law was from Morocco by way of Israel and she taught me a few dishes from her country.

Tim’s grandmothers family was from Germany. Nan and Big Nan are no longer with us and I never got a chance to meet either of them. But Tim describes to me some of the foods from his childhood and I try to prepare them for him. So far they have been successful.

Please check back from time to time to see what I am cooking. Give a few recipes a try and let me know what you think.

See ya’ll soon.

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