Simple Money Saving Tips

I was talking to Tim the other day and found out that there are many common household chores that he nor his ex wife Teresa ever heard of that are very simple and easy to do. They extend the life of your appliances and lower the energy for them to work properly.So I decided to share the tips with ya’ll along with the reactions that I received when I mentioned them to Tim or Teresa.


The Dryer:

The dryer is a real energy abuser if not taken care of properly. Most of us know that we should clean the dryer vent after each use but how many of us actually clean out the exhaust tube on the back on a monthly basis, but that is simple and easy and will help the clothes dry faster and in less time . If the vent hose is clogged with lint the air does not circulate as it should. Secondly how many of us clean the lint trap compartment weekly. I know that this sounds difficult but you can either buy a dryer brush or do as I do. I have a  long handled feather duster that I use for this job. I just remove the lint trap and slowly move the duster down and move it around to remove any trapped lint. By doing these two simple things I have cut my drying time by about ten minutes a load. This may not sound like much but the money I save on the monthly electric bill really helps out.


The Refrigerator and Freezer:

This is where I got the biggest laugh at Tim and Teresa. Neither one of them had ever thought that there was a drain pan under the fridge or freezer. So for 14 years the pan under the fridge had never been cleaned. When I pulled it out it was disgusting. I showed it to both of them and they were shocked. So I decided to ask them both if they had ever vacuumed the coils on the back of the fridge or freezer or ever cleaned the air vent on the bottom of either one. They both looked dumb founded and said they had never heard of any of that stuff. No one had ever told them to do that. Was it really important? I told them that YES it was important that if the coils are dusty and dirty that both appliances have to work twice as hard to do their jobs and in the long run cost much more to use and wear out much quicker than they should. I even had to ask if they had ever had the freon recharged in either appliance of course that had not been done either. I clean the fridge and freezer coils  on a monthly basis and check the fridge drain and drain pan on a weekly basis. I do not know how much money that saves us on the electric bill on a monthly basis but I do know that both appliances are working great now and are performing great. Less food spoilage than when I first moved in.

Ceiling Fans:

We all know to dust the blades of the fans but how many of us actually clean the motor. Well I dust the motor every two weeks just to insure that it is not clogged and will continue to give us years of service. I vacuum the motor with my hand held vacuum. I hope by keeping it dust free I am lowering energy cost.

The Television:

This is where again I got blank stares from Tim and Teresa. I asked them how often the air vents on the TV were dusted. I was asked why. Well besides the possibly of fire from the heat of TV. If the TV over heats it will more than likely need replacement much sooner than it would if a simple weekly dusting is done over the vents.

I will give ya’ll some more tips on Monday. If ya’ll have any time sharing or money saving tips for around the house I would love to hear from ya’ll. So just leave a comment with you tip and it will be published for us all to benefit from it. Thanks.

Hope to see ya’ll soon.