Organizing Your Closet In Ten Easy Steps

Storing Your clothes well means they will always look fresh and well kept. Then when your closets and drawers are well organized it is much simiplier to find what you wish to wear. You will find that you will wear more of your clothes more often.

1) Always divide your clothes areas. Hang all dressesin one section of the closet, then hang slacks all together, Blouses all together, jeans ect.

2) Group by colors.

3) Use shoe Rocks on the closet floor to keep shoes organized.

4)MAke sure you line closet shelves with a smooth vinyal matting. Cut to fit the shelf and adhere with double sided tape.

5)Make sure to clean garments before storing them for the season.

6) MAke sure and remove dry cleaner bags before you hang your clothing in the closet. The bags will trap moisture. DO NOT STORE WOOL GARMENTS OR SILK in air tight containers. These fabrics need to breathe.

7) Line very light garments with an acid free tissue paper.

8) Fibers dry out if the temperature rises and stays above 75 degrees.

9) Never ever let moth balls touch your clothing. I hang mine in old panty hose legs and hang them up on the wall with tacks.

10) Before you store your winter coats, stuff the sleeves with newspaper or acid free tissue. This will help them keep their shape.