Weekly Household Chores

These are things that should be done on a weekly basis to help with keeping the home front running smoothly.

1) Strip beds and launder.

2) Clean out the fridge. Get rid of leftovers that have reached their prime. Wash down the interior with a mixture of baking soda and water or a mixture of 2 parts vinegar to 4 parts water.

3) Dust and polish the furniture.

4) Vacum all carpets.

5) Wipe off all light bulbs and dust fixtures.

6) Clean drains by using baking soda and vinegar. Then pour boiling water into the drains. This will help keep the drains, draining smoothly and keep them fresh smelling.

7) If you have a garbage disposal put 4 or 5 ince cubes in the disposal and run. This will keep the blades clean.

8) Wipe out the oven.

9) Clean the bathroom. Scrub the sink,tub and toilet. Disinfect.

10) Water Plants and dust leaves.